Monday, July 24, 2006

The Podcast Troubadour Is For The Peeps

I would like to make some music for Podcasters to use. I'm even open to making unique music on request for Podcasters to be used as intros to a show, or intros for segments within a show. A few months ago I came across a post at Top of the Pods from a dude named Jude, who was planning to start his own podcast. I emailed him and offered to make some music for his show. I believe the podcast is to be called "The Mighty Frogcast" and the focus of the show is something about old style video games, including the likes of Frogger. Jude, a 14 year old residing somewhere in England, wanted springy fun video gamey music. I knew I had some fun old bloops and bleeps in my sound library, and in an unusually productive week, after work, I knocked out 5 songs to possibley be used for his show (and now anyone else is welcome to them). I was quite pleased with a few of them. I was very lazy in the naming of the songs but all 5 songs linked below are really quite different from each other.


in Jude, the podcaster's words,

"One day, i was sitting at my pc, listening to top of the pods, and i decided, hey, why dont i do a podcast of my own. At the moment that the thought left my head, somehow, a button beeped in the jeff cave, a Jeff, podcast troubadour leapt into action. He found my blog and asked if i wanted some music done for it. Surprised at the promptness of this, i agreed to let jeff do me some music."

I gave him the idea of what i would like ( beeps and mario style noises), and he set off to do that, and within a few days, i had the first one, that brings us on to :

Frogger1: Mostly comprised of the old game style bleeps and bloops, with some underlying piano/keyboard as the song moves further along. Quite upbeet and fast, although toward the end, the backing begins to drop away, the way it finishes, it can easily be put onto a loop or just left as it is.

Frogger2: With some more beeps in there, this time, the other instruments are more noticable in there. Some stringed instruments of variation, possibly a guitar. (i dont know my stringed instruments as well as i should). The clash of different instrumnets behind the front beet creates an interesting effect, finishing with a lone instrumnet of some description.

Frogger4: I dont know if i got a number threee, i dont think i did. Not as fast as the others, thye beeps and bloops are deeper, with a more echoing, haunting effect behind them. I can pick up quite a number off different sound effects in there, giving a very interesting sound to the whiole thing. Into the last few minutes, the backing drops away, leaving a lone rythm to carry on.

Frogger5: the beep sounds, quite a lot different to be honest, but i have found this best for the larger areas of speach. I slightly less stand out than the others, which makes it slightly better for the longer speach areas. As with the others, towards the end it becomes quieter, with just one instrument left."