Sunday, August 26, 2007

Use my music, it's cool by Tom


Here's an email I sent to Tom Green and his response
As a member of the Tom Green fan club I recently got an email from Victor who was giving a bunch of useful tips on how to make and submit a video for your show. Included in the list of steps to follow was "4. Don't use any music, I know it might seem like it'll make the video better, but you'll have a better chance of having Tom pick your video if you don't put any music in it.".
While you were on holiday I started a deputy blog in the hopes that someone might like to use my songs and music in a video for your show. I wrote a song "Year of the Mustache" and another song "Positivity Tom Green" and I figured they might go well with video shenanigans. So what's your policy/preference/inclination/fear of litigation regarding music in videos? Am I barking up the wrong tree asking strangers to collaborate with me in an effort to make something for the show?

Sent by Podcast Troubadour, North Carolina

okay, put music in... but only if you made the music yourself. how about that. That's cool.
Tom Green


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