Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Video for "Shiny Shiny Tin Foil"

Tom Green in Shiny Shiny Tin Foil

This is a video I made using clips from the Tom Green show, The song is by me. If you vote for it, I think it actually counts at "Funny or Die", which blows my mind. I'd like to make another video with clips from Tom Green Show viewers, and maybe this will inspire folks to film some cool tin foil shenanigans.

I'm thinking marchers, runners, swimmers, skiers, skaters, bikers, bartenders in tin foil. Tin Foil people working at McDonalds. Tin Foil army in the night with shiny lights on them. Tin foil people on the streets. Mothers yelling at their fully grown children not to wear tin foil (acting please). Etc Etc. If you make clips to include in the viewers video leave a comment here and include how I can get your video.


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