Friday, August 31, 2007

Year or the Mustache song getting played

The Mustache Band

Wowsers. Tom Green is having some fun with the song I made on his show and he has said he likes the song. It's a little mind blowing. I'm going to make some more music this weekend. It's very encouraging to be heard.

The Song - "Year of the Mustache"

Anybody looking for more of my weirdness can go to and listen to the Grodzki songs and the songs I made for Podcasters. Other than my outright goofy music, a lot of my music is instrumental(no vocals) that might work behind video.

I did not get enough sleep last night. I stayed up to Skype into the Tom Green show. Last night I played music that no one but my wife, Michelle, heard. The playing music that no one but Michelle heard is no different from many a night here at our house, only this time I thought I was making music live that people were hearing. I don't know if the Skype crapped out, the mic levels were wrong on my Skype computer, or if someone at the Tom Green Show heard my awful noodling and turned the rotten level down on that racket. When Tom asked me "what happened to the music?" I didn't understand what he was asking. At the time I was thinking maybe he thought my music playing was not so good but today after playing some of the show back I hear that I could not be heard.

It's probably better to not be heard, than to be heard and considered lousy. At least in the case were maybe hundreds of thousands of folks possibly listening is concerned. That's why I like recording music at home on my computer, because I can record over and over again till I get it acceptable.

Could someone make a comment.

I'm used to making music that almost no one hears. It's still fun. But writing something like someone is actually going to read it but not knowing if anyone is going to read it feels a little nutty. I know at least one person read this blog. Say hi to me, one person, please. This way I feel a little less loopy writing this.

Crazy people with company may not be much less crazy but at least they don't feel as crazy. I think that's partially what the Tom Green Show is about. Something about crazy people keeping company with crazy people. It's a beautiful thing man.

I wonder how much I should be concerned about my lack of sleep?


Blogger goatopolis said...

i caught this song on tom green this morning. Freakin' Great!! Is is available for download?

Mon Oct 08, 10:45:00 PM EDT  
Blogger goatopolis said...

i heard this song on tom green this morning and couldn't stop singing it in my cubicle at work. I love this freakin' song!!

Is it available for download?

Mon Oct 08, 10:47:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Podcast Troubadour said...


Tue Oct 09, 06:27:00 PM EDT  

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