Saturday, September 01, 2007

Completely Different Tin Foil Song

Shin Shiny Tin Foil Gang

Deputy Alsoknownas made a video using my first tin foil song. I think the video is pretty dang cool but I thought I could do better in the music department. This morning I made a better tin foil song called "Shiny Shiny Tin Foil"

"Shiny Shiny Tin Foil"
You can click on the Player to hear the song. I hope he can use the new song. Anyone is welcome to use the song in video. You can download it from Soundclick for free.

It has been a very exciting and happy week for me. It's very inspiring to make music that I'm pretty sure someone will hear. It was super cool having Tom be nice to me on Skype and seeing him play the heck out of my "Year of the Mustache" song. I woke this morning farting around making a slower acousticky version of "Year of the Mustache." Anybody got any extra lyrical suggestions?


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