Saturday, July 07, 2007

Podcast Troubadour visits The Tom Green Live Show

I have neglected blogging for a long long time. That is because I find blogging boring to do, and I have reason to believe that very few people end up reading this. BUT if one were to google "Podcast Troubadour" you get this blog, and I just visited the Tom Green Live show last night and on the off chance that someone were to google my name and find this site, I figure I better say something. First off, if you want to hear my music got to

I've been watching Tom Green's show lately and I really appreciate what he's doing. Most of the time the show is an hour or more long with some guest. When his guests are funny, engaging, or interesting, the show can be pretty fun and interesting. Most talk shows only allow for a small smidgen (7 minutes or so) of host/guest interaction, and a lot of times the guest is obliged to deliver some semi-canned "story" or entertaining snippet. There isn't time for guest to be any realistic version of themselves or anything other than an "entertainer." Tom Green's show allows for plenty of time for guests to be something other than a quick delivery mechanism for cleverness. If the guests are cool (which happens often enough) and Tom and the guest get into a talking groove, the show can be more like hanging out with the people on the show, and less like the abundant shiny commercial fare the networks generally offer. I think that's pretty cool.

The flip side of this format is that sometimes the guest can be pretty boring to me, and in that case, you've got an long hour stuck with someone you really rather not hang with. Another innovative aspect of Tom's show is that he does allow for lots of viewer call ins. Tom is trying to run a weird new "democratic" show with lots of viewer input, and while the goal is noble and one I really appreciate, the democratic process as lived out on a live web show can be messy, ugly, and sometimes, worst of all, boring. Sometimes callers can ask cool questions and truly contribute to the show, while other times, Tom answering calls left and right can disrupt the groovy fun flow of the show. And then there are the prank callers who sometimes call in frustrating numbers and with rarely humorous or even comprehensible pranks.

Anyways, I dig what Tom is doing and how he is trying to do it. It seems like the show really is like a new wave pirate radio station. Even though Tom is eager for sponsorship, the show does feel very free, independent, and non-commercial. Oh yeah, and I think Tom is funny. The song at the end of this bit below is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I understand other folks might just find it stupid, and if this clip isn't funny to you, you may not enjoy Tom's show. You know what they say "One man's funny is another man's indication that Armageddon is nigh".

I hope I get the chance to make some fun stuff (prerecorded) for Tom to use on his show. That's why I called into his show. Rock'n Leonard Mills (who is reputed to be an alter ego of Tom Green) was hosting the show the night I called in. And although, through the powers of Skype, we did jam live for the free national webovision, unfortunately Mr. Leonard Mills may not have been in his best form. He may have been hindered perhaps from an overly enthusiastic effort to imbibe fluids which, when consumed in excess, have the potential to be something less than hilarious. Although I suspect our brief performance may have been amusing, the show taken as a whole may be considered by some to something less than flattering and not as funny as intended. With that in mind the show may not end up being posted on the site. In which case, if you weren't lucky enough to see me on the show live, you may just have to take my word for it.

If Tom posts any clips of the show I'll add a link to the video.

Oh yeah, I hammered out two quick little ditties on July 4th for Tom.
Tom Green Lounge Theme
To Mc Tom Green


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