Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Troubadour Visits "Top Of The Pods"

Soon after becoming hip to the podcast scene I learned that podcasters are supposed to use podsafe music in their broadcasts. My wife, Michelle, turned me on to this wacky lil' British show called Top of the Pods. It is, as the anouncer in intro to the show always reminds me every time I listen to the show, "one of the best produced independent podcasts around." I think they have a fairly similar sense of humor to mine, and they had made frequent requests for listeners to send in audio recordings of themselves saying hi to the show. I figured, "here are some dudes with a good sense of humor, who are crafty and creative in the use of audio snippets, and who are asking for outsider input. Perhaps I can make something useful for them."

I made two songs initially for them one weekend, Funk Top of The Pods and Countrified for Top of The Pods. They played Funk Top of The Pods on their epidsode "top ten things i would do if i could pause time." You can also hear them calling me, and me sounding completely baffled and dumbfounded by the time delay, the fancy shmancy Skype thingy I'd never used, and that fact that I was talking two guys (pronounced gays (listen to the show to understand) from England who are real regular podcast celebrities.

After talking with them I also made this "Please Stand By," recording which I hope they'll someday find a use for.

And I recorded this odd hello from me to them. All of this was shortly before I had decided to don the monicker, "Podcast Troubadour."

So far I have been unable to convince these humorous lads that they should use all of these fandiddlytastic recordings and that they should take me up on my offering of mad musical skillz, for I, the podcast troubadour, only wish to please my lords and entertain them and their kingdom, as troubadours are wont to do. But readers, privy to the weirding ways of the blog, just as ye may travel to and fro visiting strange webby lands, I too have not ceased my journey since this humble beginning. There are tales made since that I have yet to tell, and I will have further travels that may prove more fruity and magestic in the telling. For now I conclude this modern tale and ask you to return to my abode another day, for by then I will come up with something else silly to say.


Blogger Jes said...

Jeff you should create a top ten funny theme show songs for TOTP. All Audio b/c the funk and country themes you made can give someone a heart attack just from laughing...imagine..

Wed Apr 12, 03:00:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Top Of The Pods said...

So i was like just flicking around looking at totp related stuff and stumbled on you and your totally like great stuff. so i was like, self, go and have a poke around and find out what you can about the dude with the great tunes.
Love the technical difficulties tune and I will be harrassing rob until he falls over in pain from the ear ache i am going to impose on hime about using all of your tunes.
it would be great to have a top ten stupid tunes from you as I love your funk.
take it easy buddy.
Top Of THe poDs

Mon Jun 12, 06:11:00 PM EDT  

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