Sunday, April 02, 2006

Introducing the Legendary Yet Unfamiliar Podcast Troubadour

I am the Podcast Troubadour Koo Koo Ca Chew.
Yesterday, instead of mowing the lawn, I made a ditty to be used by Mugglecast, which is a Harry Potter podcast. The goal was something that evoked the sound and feeling of the Harry Potter music without treading into the territory of copyright infringement. I've been told the internet is the wild wild west of the present. I still would rather not get a knock from the knuckle of Johnny Law as my six gun is rusty and I've sworn off violence. I am only a humble ham farmer now raising up these hocks as best a former sociopathic gunslinger can. Them hams don't need no six gun, just feed, antibiotics, and a lil' gin now and again.

The song I made at the cost of an unmowed lawn, Techno Mugglecast, is probably not as wacky or fun as Mugglecast wanted, but they have many show segments so I'm hoping they might find a use for this background/intro music.

Last week I made my first song, 5 Minute Mugglecast News, for those zany mugglecasters and the news segment of their show. I'm very pleased with this number and I think it will be a big hit with the kids of today with their harpsichord fetishes and fondness for ye olde timey news broadcasts.


Blogger Grodzki said...

you are without a doubt... my favorite podcast musician. and i mean that in a good way.

Wed Apr 05, 03:25:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Grodzki said...

actually… there is no bad way to take that.

Wed Apr 05, 03:26:00 PM EDT  

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